The beginning of the year is a great time to start a new habit. The celebratory mood and hopeful expectations create a collective energy of high vibrations. It’s possible to create our lives consciously. My life is my proof! My existence has been a sequence of miracles I know they are more than coincidence. I consciously create my outcome, but this didn’t happen by chance. I am committed to a practice that I am sharing with you today.

It’s essential to believe and understand that thoughts create feelings, and feelings create life results. When we change how we think and feel, we reprogram our vibration and create a different life manifestation. Here is how you can start using the Law of Attraction today:

  1. Use your imagination. Visualize. Mentally picture the future you seek. Use your five senses to activate the feeling. What does it look like? What do you see, smell, taste, or touch? Imagine all the detail to make it as real as possible. I like to script about it first and then read it out loud, or I use the recording app on my phone and then I listen to my own voice. The key is to speak in the present tense as if the things you desire are already happening. Feel that you are living that story.
  2. Activate gratitude. I recommend you use a journal to write about what you are grateful for daily. Gratitude is a high vibe energy, and writing activates your right brain, which houses inspiration and intuition. As you practice gratitude, you expand your energy and start to resonate with good things you want to attract. It may sound like a chore in the beginning, but soon enough, you will notice how this is beneficial. Eventually, you won’t need to write things down anymore. You will genuinely feel the vibration of gratitude more frequently and this is a very high vibe state of being.
  3. “Ask and you shall receive”. Proclaim your desires out loud to the Universe! For example, I ask that everything comes to me with ease, flow and joy. I call on all the people who deeply connect with me. When you notice something good happening, ask yourself: How can it get any better than this? Proclaim: I want this great feeling and more!!
  4. Pay attention to synchronicities. What are synchronicities? Those miraculous coincidences range from a friend calling you just as you were thinking of them, to revealing dreams, or even seeing repeating numbers on your phone (11:11, 3:33, etc). Those are signs that you are on the right path. Your frequency is in alignment with your desires. When you see those synchronicities, place a hand on your heart and acknowledge the sign with a silent thank you.
  5. Let go of beliefs, particularly those that hold you back, like “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody loves me”, “It’s hard to make money”, “I will always be sick”. A believe manifests from repetitive thoughts , so manage your thoughts and re-frame them. “I am more than good enough,” “Everyone loves me,” “It’s easy to make money,” I’m healthier every day.” Look for evidence that it is true. You will notice your energy shifting as you change your mind to be more positive. You become more hopeful and more in alignment with “happy”. It’s like tuning to a frequency of everything is possible.
  6. Create your inspiration box. Find a cute box, and place images of things you want to accomplish inside. Write names of the people you love or admire and put these in there too. Write down the name of places you would like to visit. Include objects that remind you of your power, such as crystals. Don’t show this box to anyone. Keep it in a secret place and look at it occasionally.
  7. Dedicate more time for fun. Enjoy the simple things life has to offer. Take long baths, drink hot tea, watch sunrises and sunsets, smell flowers, listen to good music, and go to nature as often as you can.

I hope this list helps you ignite your fire to create an amazing year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone you love!