Free yourself of that victim mentality

Have you ever thought that the person you are working with, living with , or perhaps is your relative… may be suffering from a mental disorder?

​Perhaps depression, anxiety, bipolar, attention deficit disorder, hyperactive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, Schizophrenia… etc.

Perhaps you have been taking their “atitude” personally – and it’s not you! They may have a mental disorder! 

People with mental disorder need treatment, but most people are in denial. They are usually in “reaction”… they may sound arrogant, demanding, “bitchy”… and you may feel hurt. 

What to do? Well, do you feel upset when a dog is barking? Do you feel angry when there’s a swarm of ants in your path way? What do you do then? 
You get away, yes? So, that’s it. Get away from people with mental disorder. 

But, then you say: – what if I can’t get away? 
Let’s say it’s your boss, your husband, your neighbour… How to deal with them, right? 

Here’s the thing: 
Mental disorder can be as severe as cancer. 
So, I would like that you ask yourself: 

How would I deal with this person if I knew they had cancer? Your answer is ………
That’s how you deal with them. 

Now, pause for a moment and ask yourself these questions: 

“Am I the one with mental disorder”? Could I possibly be reacting to things out of proportion? Do I isolate myself because of fear? Do I react to people with anger? Do I take everything thing personally? Do I run out of patience all the time? Do I have an excess of judgement about everything? Am I very opinionated? Short temper? Or perhaps cry too much, and seclude from social interaction? 
Do I have a confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate? Do I suffer from excessive fears or worries, or feel extreme feelings of guilt? Do I suffer from mood changes that are out of control? Is my energy either high or low? Do I feel tired, have low energy, problems sleeping? 

If you say : perhaps so.. Then, I want you to take charge of your health and look for therapy, find a professional that you love and trust. 

Mental disorders can get worst with time, triggering other severe illnesses. Be responsible. Be mindful. Be loving towards yourself and others. 

Rosane, Certified Coach 
A Road To You 

Ps: Life Coaching helps people who are functional in life and need guidance to move forward and achieve goals. It’s ideal for people who are searching for clarity regarding making decisions, moving on from the past, and finding life purpose. 
For mental disorders you need a Therapist, and I can recommend one for you. Coaching and Therapy together can speed up your transformation.

Here’s my moving meditation video. I call it: “Poetry in Motion”. I recorded it last month on my road trip with gril friends to the amazing Toadstool National Park, in Knab, Utah.