How to know if you have anxiety

During sessions I’ve noticed my clients mentioning having anxiety.

Try not to label yourself as having anxiety.

If you want to talk about the feeling of anxiety, say “the anxiety”. It’s not yours, so don’t own it by saying “my anxiety”.

Normal levels of anxiety can happen to all of us.

​For example,

​If you don’t like to be at theme parks, but you are ok to go to the movies, or shopping malls it doesn’t mean you have anxiety.

​If you are worrying about things like these, It doesn’t mean you have anxiety:

– I haven’t started my taxes
– I’m afraid to take this exam
– Snarling dogs freak me out
– I’m afraid of getting corona virus

Don’t label anxiety if you are afraid of one thing or another. Anxiety tends to be more sweeping and radical then those scenarios.

For example, because you say you don’t like big parties or crowded spaces, it doesn’t mean you have social disorder.

Some people are actually living under tremendous amount of stress due to several reasons:
– trouble keeping up with their income,
– going through relationship problems,
– student debt,
– homeschooling…
– illness…

Those are big problems and it’s super normal to worry about these type of things, it doesn’t mean you have anxiety disorder.

People who like planning and control may be more triggered about future uncertainty then someone who is more free spirited, and doesn’t like to plan or to think ahead too much.

Researches say that wealthy people are more anxious then poor people. It seems accurate, doesn’t it? Poor people don’t have anything to lose.

Our emotions express our feelings, so if you are worried you will feel anxious, but it doesn’t mean it’s a disorder. Understand?

Don’t medicalize or overthink normal responses to difficult situations. At this time of social distancing, due to the coronavirus epidemic it’s ok to have “normal anxiety”. No one knows what’s coming ahead!

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