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Lao Tzu, the ancient philosopher, advises us to take a moment! "Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become your action. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

The Law of Attraction! We believe that we attract back what we put into the world. The notion has developed over thousands of years and culminated in the Law of Attraction. This principle states "like attracts like", be it conscious or unconscious actions or thoughts.

How does the "law" play out? If your present thoughts are troubled by worries of the future and spent visualizing things going wrong, you will activate feelings of fear and concern. In turn, you will attract exactly what you fear most. Compare this with if you feel content and cheerful at present; you will activate good vibrations and attract positive outcomes in the future.

We live on a planet of duality ruled by contrasts: day and night, heat and cold, pain and pleasure. Because of this, there will always be things that make us both happy and unhappy. We must understand that things are constantly changing, and contrast helps us expand. Look back and notice how the challenges you had in the past helped you grow and change.

The present moment is the only truth. Past and future do not really exist; they are stories in our minds. Focusing on the unknown future will trigger feelings, and these feelings are vibrations that repel or attract what you desire. Good happenings do not vibrate with fear or regret. Make sense? Rather than dueling on past or future, look for ways to engage now.  Being present allows you to release stressful thoughts, shift your vibration, and attract a positive outcome.

The key is to become powerfully present with your feelings and emotions and always look for better-feeling thoughts. Notice triggers and investigate the correlation of what thoughts create uneasy feelings. Imagine what it would be like if you had fewer trigger points, such as the need to defend yourself or your point of view constantly. How would it feel to regain your childhood ability to live in the moment?

In my new meditation book called: Don't Meditate, Vortexate! I offer numerous meditation micro-exercises and vortex energy tips that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Meditation trains the mind to refocus and observe. Through meditation, you learn to disengage from your thoughts and the stories associated with them. You become the observer and disassociate from your thoughts. You manage your thoughts instead of allowing your thoughts to control you.

One of my favorite mentor coaches, Byron Katie, wrote about this in her book, "Who Would You Be Without Your Story". She also helps you understand the thought process and let go of the stories that have giant control over you.

Live in alignment with what you desire, your goals. Understand that everything is energy. Don't feel victimized by the events or people in your life; everyone is doing their best in their level of awareness. Don't take anything personally.  Become your own hero and rescue yourself from drama. Because you know that if you focus on drama, more drama you will be attracted to your life. It is the "law."

A few days ago, I posted a duet video on my social media with Matt Cooke, a manifestation coach, explaining through quantum physics how everything is energy. This aligns with my books and what I share in my retreats and hiking experiences in Sedona. I posted the video here for you. Study Matt's words and practice, so you can become a conscious creator of your life and manifest a new year by design.


What you think, you become; what you feel, you attract. Manage your thoughts in the direction of what you want to achieve.  In the second part of this blog series, I show how to use the law of attraction.

Stay tuned!