Is Your Energy Draining


I have been thinking about what stills our energy, leaving us feeling “blah” and sometimes even sick. I would like to share with you my thoughts on this. 
​We all have the ability to recharge and center. Life force energy is available to all of us at any time! Life force energy is the cosmic energy that comes from outside the body, enters the brain and keeps the cells charged with life. This is the same energy that makes flowers bloom, our nails grow, or planets to move around the sun. When our energy tank is full we feel invigorated, happy and connected to life. 

How do we absorb life force energy? Living healthy, eating uncooked fruits and vegetables, because they contain “trapped light”, and can elevate our life force energy. Drinking pure water, walking in nature  sun and moonlight bathing because they also contain “prana” (another name for life force energy).

Sometimes, when we may feel week, or down, it may be because our life force energy is leaking… For example, do you have a headache after hanging out or talking with some people? This can be a sign that your energy is draining, or leaking out. But it may not be because of them, but how you are managing your life force energy.

Our minds will drain energy when it’s not trained properly. The mind is like a stubborn horse that needs to be tamed. For example: non-useful pointless thoughts, negative thoughts from the environment, or anything that keeps our focus of attention for too long will drain our energy. 

Drama drains our energy big time! Many people are addicted to drama, that’s why the media sells it so well! Have you noticed people who like drama? They talk about it, repeat it, spread it, and you can even see their ears perking up with curiosity and wanting to know more about the drama…

What if you are one of those people who are addicted to drama? What if the drama is your life story? What if you are addicted to thinking or talking about your problems too often? 

Ask yourself: 
Am I addicted to drama? Does drama stimulate me? Do I get curious and want to know more, talk more, share more? Do I re-tell the story over and over again? Do I like when people listen to my drama? 

Drama is interesting, because it feeds the person with low vibe energy – which is like sugar – it may perk you up in the moment while you are gossiping, but it will drain your energy right away and you will feel crashed down … Then you may start to create more drama in your life, because it’s like a drug… you will be addicted to it’s momentarily perks. 

Media, social media, the news are also energy stilling! People who push your buttons are taking energy from you… People who be-little or bully you are also taking energy from you!

While it’s important to get out of these situations and get away from these people, it’s mostly important not to make it their responsibility to stop vamping you! It’s your responsibility to stop giving your energy away. Otherwise you will be playing a victim role, and victims are powerless. It’s like setting yourself up to failure. 

Instead of blaming others, you must have the control over your energy!! 

I teach my clients a centering exercise practice that fills up our tank with life force energy. It’s about focus, posture and expansion of our personal space. It’s a powerful practice! 

Focusing on posture is amazing!  It allows energy to flow through the meridians which are like energy rivers that run through our bodies, and bring the “prana” to us! If you don’t have the right posture, “prana” will be blocked. 

Create the habit to correct your posture when you catch yourself bending or curving your body. Look far away and breath deeply as often as you can. I recommend you to be active. Dance classes, tai-chi or Q-Cong and any martial arts are great activities that create the habit of good posture. I also recommend: positive thinking, meditation, hiking in nature. 

All those things fill up our tank with yummy life force energy! 

Observe your thoughts and be in control! Don’t let your energy drain, because it’s important that you have a full tank of energy to operate at your best!

I hope this article was helpful and that you commit to a mindful practice, so that you can be the master of your life force energy. 

This video contains exercises that I recommend and practice often. 

Much love to you!
Reply to share with me how is your energy tank these days! 

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