I’m in Washington today, enjoying the snow and preparing a surprise party for Bruce’s birthday this weekend.
​I want to send out my last newsletter of the year to share a few delicious news and my insights for a great new year. ​

​If you hiked with me in Sedona this year, you know that I was practicing
 the yin and yang exercise to manifest my jeep.
​So here it is! I named it “Shamu” because the whale appeared to me as my spirit guide. Shamu tells me to trust my limitless creativity and to make my biggest dreams possible! I can’t wait to take you off road with Shamu, when you visit Sedona again!

Another great news to share with you is that Bruce and I got engaged during our trip to Greece in November. It wasn’t unexpected, because we had been talking about it for a while, since both of us are divorced, fearful feelings about tighting the knot did show up and we were reluctant about the idea for some time. But, hey! Why not? We both decided to restle with our Gremlins (the voice of fear and limitation) and we won! We’ve been truly happy together for over five years and we are devoted to nurture our love, so it makes so much sense to upgrade our relationship status. Agree?

It feels like I’m talking about a movie where I am both the actor and the director of the scenes. Since I’ve learned the process of manifestation and, stepped out of catabolic levels of perception, my life happens as I wish it to happen, and I’m no longer affected by umpleasant circumstances. 
Everything you want is possible
and it’s your birth right to have it! 

But you must jump the fence
that separates love and fear. 

This leads me to share with you this short video that I’ve recorded another day talking about levels of counsciousness.
​Some call it mindfullness, others call it a quantum leap….
​In this video, I share what I’ve learned with one of the greatest philosophers of our times: Allan Watts.      ​


It’s time to jump the fence! No more limiting beliefs!
No more playing “the good girl” to please everyone!
No more blocking your dreams out of fear!
No more procrastination!
No more relationships that don’t make you happy! 
No more feeling fat or ugly!

Believe that you are love and that love comes to you!
Believe that you are powerful and embrace your power! 

It’s a quantum leap! It’s a perception shift!

Jump the fence from fear to love with Santa Mamma NOW !!!
Happy 2020 ✨💕
Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!!
Much love