Whether you seek clarity and purpose towards your life’s goals or desire to learn about energy and personal power, through reading my books you will learn exercises and empowering strategies to catalyze your personal growth journey and activate your ability to manifest.
This unique card deck will help you in your quest for self-realization and true happiness.These cards are micro-practices of active meditations that you can do anywhere at any time. Each exercise in this card deck brings you a daily dose of powerful energy that will ignite an unconditional feeling of contentment.
In this is a 21-day audio program you will receive daily guided meditations. After signing up you will receive an email each day for three weeks. This program will help you reduce stress, gain focus, sleep better, increase productivity, feel more present and have more energy. 

Rosane Gibsons Vortex collection is sure to help you take your meditations to the next level! Click on one of the links above to learn about her books, cards and guided meditation series today!

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