Read What My Customers Say About Me

Twelve weeks in the Ignite Your Being Program helped me more tha years of therapy ever did! I love you Rosane Gibson!

Nancy Hoffman AZ,USA
Patricia FL, USA

“I had a spectacular break through!”

Thank you Rosane for the amazing Class “Ignite Your Being”.
Your so passionate about your work and have such strong insight that really resonated with me! Your amazing and thank you!

Anna Helgesen AZ, USA
Ivonne Pelaez FL, USA

I feel great who would’ve thought that meeting once a week and watching videos and putting all I learned into practice would’ve changed my life the way it did. 

Thanks Rosane Gibson for such a wonderful program!

Rosane has a special gift for helping others heal. Working with Rosane has given me tremendously improved mental and physical health! And she is so much fun! If I had to describe what Rosane is in just three words, those words would be: health, fun and empowerment! 


Kimberly Hanson FL,USA
Shea Micheller TX,USA

It’s hard to remember the last time I felt this good, my sessions with Rosane are the best thing I have done for myself in years. The partnership we have formed is so powerful, and very personal, I am always amazed at the clarity, the insight and the closeness we have during our sessions. The assignments she gives are very personalized and are amazing at providing a new way to look at things. I am so greatful for the change in energy and mood and in such a short time.

Rosane has been helping me uncover riches that I did not know were within me. I used to say to my friends: “She is a Fairy!” But now I understand that my words were an understatement. Her work goes far beyond fairy tales. It is simply enlightening!


Flavia Rabello Rio, Brazil
Caroline Sombat FL,USA

My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude for you and your meditation in motion class. I moved, danced, released, shared and blissed out on the positive vibrations in our sacred space. Thank You!