Tips to create an amazing New Year

Happy New Year!! 

New year is a new beginning. I love new beginnings, because they represent a threshold, a doorway to create something new. This is how I see it:

Every morning is a new beginning, because as the sun rises it offers a new set of 12  hours for us to play in this world. Then its time to sleep and recharge, so that we can wake up and do it all over again: create another new day! 

When we don’t understand that we create our lives, its like navigating on a boat without the oars. We may end up stuck somewhere, blaming others, feeling locked in jobs or relationships, regretting about the past or worrying about the future. But when we acknowledge that we are the creators of our lives, then everything changes! You know you can change your life at any time, just like you re-route the GPS in your car. 

I believe this is how we navigate through life. Adjusting the route every time. 
Oups! Here’s a road block! Shall I diverge right or left? Let me see… Then, you ponder about which direction to go. In practical terms, who do you want to offer the passenger seat to? With whom do you want to laugh with? Which type of job or career fulfills you?

Life is just like a road, we need to pay attention when we are driving, take the short cuts to avoid traffic, stop at the traffic light and wait – be patient – reflect – be more patient – reflect …. So you we are ready to shift to the first gear again. 

Did I say “be patient”? YES! This is what we are all in need right now. 

At this age of satisfaction guaranteed, speed dating, and amazon shopping…

Please! This is spoiling everyone! We need to learn about “patience”!

People get mad when the airplane is delayed… Are you kidding me? You are in a machine that flies in the sky to take you across the country or the world in a few hours… and you get upset when there’s a delay because of mechanics or weather? It’s a joke, right? 
These last ten days of the year I was mindful about the things that I do that brings me high vibe feelings. Think about this, everything we want lives in the dimension of high vibe energy: job success, loving relationships, health and money. When we are not in high vibe it’s hard to create high vibe outcome in life. 

So,{!firstname_fix}, are you ready to find your own high vibe road?

Are you ready to take control of your life? Are you ready to look forward on the road and find the exit that will take you to your dream destination? 

That means: 

* Stop depending on crumbs of affections from others, because you are not a beggar! You are capable of generating self esteem and “glow” in love to a point where you will only go where you are celebrated not tolerated! 

*  Stop being undecided about stuff. Decide and don’t look back! Decide to delete from your life people and things that are holding you back on your road to success! 

* Stop believing that you cannot heal your body and your mind, because you can! Know that you can, and start applying mindful techniques that only require discipline. 

So, these are the “don’ts… now, let’s look into the DO’s! 

I would like to share with you these 10 tips, so that you can use them everyday of the year,  to stay high vibe and manifest all you desire in 2020. 

Here are the tips and a video below: 


  1. “What You Think, Say and Do Must be the Same” If you think you love someone, but you speak unloving about this person, and fight all the time – you are divided!  So, think love, say loving things, and do loving things.  Or if you want to lose weight, but you say it’s hard, and you eat a lot, and procrastinate with exercise you are divided.  You need to think “healthy,” say the same, and do the things that make you healthy.   So, how can you be more mindful about these three things: think, say and do? 
  2. “The Law of Vacuum” To attract whatever it is you desire to be, do or have in your life you need to make room for it.  If your cup is full of an old drink, you won’t be able to pour a new drink in it.  If you want love, but you are locked in a bad relationship, thinking too much about that person, or perhaps have objects in your house that reminds you of that person, then you don’t have space for a new relationship. If your closet is full of old clothes that you don’t wear, you won’t have space for new clothes.  If your agenda is full, you won’t have time to date. The Law of Vacuum applies to everything!  What areas of in your life need emptying so that you can have space for new things?
  3. “Enjoy Nature – Rain or Shine” Many people feel upset when it’s raining or snowing.  To be upset about the weather is like fighting with God.  Be more accepting of the weather as it is. Perhaps use the raining day to read a book, or to call friends.  When you appreciate the weather as it is, you will be more patient with yourself, because your feelings are like the weather – we also have our internal seasons.  How can you enjoy your rainy or snowy days? 
  4. “Be in the Moment and Eliminate “If” and “When”! Every time you say things such as “if this hadn’t happened, I would be happy”; or “only when such and such happens, I then will be happy”.  When you say “if”, you’re living in the past; and when you say “when” you’re projecting your future. These two words jeopardize your focus in the present moment.  How can you develop the awareness of “if” and “when”? 
  5. “Find a New Hobby” If you’re caught up in a boring routine and feel blah… that’s because there’s nothing that excites you.  I suggest you look for a hobby, perhaps it’s something that you loved doing when you were a child.  Bring that back!  When we have something to do that we love, it ignites our passion for life.  Perhaps one day you could even monetize your hobby.  So, what would love to do that you can start right now? 
  6. “Always Look Forward to Something” When we look forward to doing something, we get excited.  When you’re looking forward to a vacation, you already feel happy before it even starts – right?  However, it doesn’t need to be something big such as a vacation.  It can be anything.  How about looking forward to talking to someone, looking forward to having a massage, or going to the movies.  Look for small things that can excite you, such as a cup of tea! Looking forward to doing something will keep you in a high vibe. So, what are you looking forward to? 
  7. “Look up to Someone” Remember when you were growing up, you used to look up to people – perhaps your parents, your uncle or aunt, a movie star, or a superhero?  Do that again!  Look for role models to look up too!  I look up to Jane Fonda, because I think she is a great example of aging gracefully.  I look up to Tony Robbins as Master Coach, and Kerry Meyers as my Mentor Coach. What role models do you have that you can look up to? 
  8. “Learn Something New Every Day” Learning new things keeps our minds sharp.  Learning keeps us curious, and curiosity is high vibe energy.  Create the habit of learning something new everyday!  It doesn’t mean you need to go back to school (although that is a good idea). I’m talking about “ordinary” learning.  For example, learn how to cook a new dish, or learn to pronounce a word in a different language. Try to learn something new every day.  Before going to sleep ask yourself – what did I learn today? And if you didn’t learn anything new, ask Google about something that you’re interested in, such as how many planets are there in our galaxy?
  9. “Give Away What You Need” – Do you need attention?  Give attention to someone.  Do you need money?  Give money to someone.  There are many books written on the power of giving. I can only say it works! Start doing that and you will see. What is it that you need right now? Give it to somebody and watch what happens.
  10.  “The Law of Detachment” – Deepak Chopra says In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.”   When I embraced detachment, I accepted death, and because of that, it brought to me a deep sense of appreciation for life.  The Law of Detachment helps us become more present and whole.  Live each day as if it was your last day.  How can you look at people and things with detachment so that you appreciate them more?

Now, it’s with you! Your life will change as much as you apply these 10 tips to it. If you read these tips, but don’t apply them to your daily life, nothing will happen. 

If you need my guidance, don’t hesitate to book a session with me,  because that’s what I do the best: help people find their passion for life. 
My two programs “Ignite Your Being” and “Ignite Your Love” are amazing and I can combine both of them when you work privately with me. 

Much love and happy new year!