What is your Cupid doing?

As Valentines’ Day approaches, no doubt you are also 
thinking about love. Life is always changing and one thing for sure: 
We all want love and to be loved… 

I’ve been reading and writing about love different stages and thought one of these may resonate with where you are right now.

Are you looking for love?
When you look for something you want, you don’t start by assuming you cannot find it. Imagine you’re about to buy a new outfit, you think about how you like it, and then you go out shopping until you find it. But here is the most important thing: can you afford to buy it? If not, would you work harder to get money to buy it? Would you spend time studying the magazines or contemplating having it tailored-made for you?  Now swap out that desire for an outfit with your quest for love. You start by knowing what you want precisely. Just like the outfit, you know you can find it; it’s just a question of time and effort. Do they have what I am looking for in this shop? Let me try some of their clothing and see how they fit on me. By looking and testing, you finally find your favorite outfit, the one that suits you perfectly and makes you look divine. As you decide to buy it, your mind calms, not needing to look for other outfits. You know you found it. To be ready for love is simpler than you think, but you need to remove the resistance you have created, the misconceptions and fears inside your mind.“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be open for you” ~ Mathew 7:7


Keeping Your Love?
Research shows that passion and romance can exist in couples living together for many years. So how do they do it? They act like they are having an affair with each other. They tease and flirt all the time! Think about the gestures, the touch, the deep kiss, the sweet nibble on the ear, the playfulness we indulge when we are newly in love. Create a playful atmosphere of excitement and focus on how to turn your beloved on! This is what keeps love alive! 


Single and Happy?
Valentine’s Day can be hard on singles who assume that love is all about fairy tales. Hollywood movies and social media have created unrealistic expectations for what’s supposed to happen this day. Couples are portrayed as happier than singles, but many of those couples you see may be struggling in their relationships behind the scenes. Research has shown that singles can be satisfied when they have a strong and supportive network of friends. So, if you are single, remember that the grass is not always greener for those who have partners. Call your friends, throw a party, dinner, or get-together, and celebrate your outstanding qualities and accomplishments. Laugh, dance, and let each other know how special you are. Not so much into parties? Try rock climbing indoors or a hiking trip with me in SEDONA! And after rent a sexy movie, dim the lights, and have fun! 


Broken Hearted?
I got you covered! Be sure to unfriend your ex on social media, untag, remove their photos and unfollow them. In this way, you can avoid constant reminders of them, and you will move on much faster. Get my e-book 

“Breakout from Your Breakup” it’s an activity book with several exercises that will prepare you to close this painful chapter and move on to create a beautiful story that is your life. 


Are You Stuck in a Relationship? 
There’s love for everyone in this world. Believe it. The NewYou-Factor is an assessment that can help you identify why you are stuck and how to un-stuck with or with out your partner. 

Remember: If you do what you have always done, you will always have the same result. 


ONLINE SESSIONSThere’s love for everyone in this world. Believe it. Happy Valentines!Rosane ​​