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A rapid fire and fun 60-min session to shift your mood really fast

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional
I believe it is possible to control your mood and to be happy unconditionally. Think about the reverse.

You can’t make more money by feeling sad because you don’t have money.
You can’t get healthier by being sad because you are sick.
You can’t help someone that needs your help by being sad.

So by not being happy you are really slowing down reaching the things that could make you happier. Instead let’s make you happy! When you are joyful and fulfilled you are able to help others and attract more happiness into your life.

The NEW-YOU Factor is a questionnaire that analyzes how your attitude is impacting everything that you do: your love life, your job, your family, and your relationships.

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The New You Factor


Yes, it is possible to find love and be a priority ​in someone’s life!

Taught by Rosane Gibson CPC, ELI-MP

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