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Vortex Dance

In-Person Sessions

Vortex Dance

Sedona energy vortex dance to activate the law of attraction

Are you struggling to manifest your desires? Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward? If so, it’s time to try something new and exciting – the Sedona Energy Vortex Dance. I will take you to a mountaintop surrounded by spectacular red rock views. This is place is a is not in the forest, it’s a private property by the Boyton Canyon Vortex area. You will enjoy the non-strenuous hike around the place and take beautiful pictures of the breathtaking​ sunset views! This powerful two-hour experience will help you release any blocks that are holding you back, and open the pathways to manifestation. Set in the stunning Boy ton Canyon Vortex, you’ll be guided through a series of movements and exercises that are designed to activate each of your seven chakras. You’ll also learn how to use the power of intention to magnetize your desires into reality. You’ll learn about the art of allowing and effectively understanding The Law of Attraction. The Energy Vortex Dance is the perfect way to jumpstart your manifestation journey – so why not give it a try today? This experience promotes team bonding,​great for teams, great for groups, and great for team-building.

A woman standing on top of a hill with her arms spread out.

How do group sessions work?

​Each participant picks a dance card and reveals it to the group. As the multitude of card-messages resonates through the group we share revelations and insights, and in unison transform ourselves into a single vessel of universal wisdom. Get in the list to be notified when we have a group retreat!

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How dance can improve the way you think, feel and live

In this book, Rosane shows how to use dance movements from around the world to connect with your higher self through song, poetry and meditation. A combination of tarot, dance and life coaching tools to create a mosaic of experiences for personal growth and life transformation.

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