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In-Person Sessions

In-Person Sessions

In-person life coaching sessions in sedona

​Learn how to access your inner wisdom and gain ​clarity towards your life’s goals

A person holding onto a red cloth in the air
Hiking Therapy

Private and group experiences available. These experiences promote team bonding,​great for teams, great for groups, and great for team-building.

A group of people holding chocolate bars covered in candy.
Talisman Making

This experience is for visionaries and spiritual seekers who are looking to clarify their life’s purpose and to ignite their powers of manifestation.

A woman in a butterfly dress standing on top of a hill.

A combination of tarot, dance and life coaching tools to createa mosaic of experiences for personal growthhand life transformation.

A person sitting in the sunset doing yoga.

This is for anyone looking to become more aware of their thoughts, words, attitudes and actions; & who desires to amplify peace, love, gratitude & faith.

A woman standing in the middle of an outdoor labyrinth.
Labyrinth Walk

This is a four hour experience that will confer a sense of clarity, peace, and serenity. It’s walking toward one’s own core & the center of one’s soul.

Two people standing in front of a tree.
​Life Coaching By The Creek

This is a three hour life coaching session by the creek. It’s recommended for those who desire to gain clarity towards life’s goals and feel empowered.

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