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Here's What My Clients Have to Say:

In my over 20 years of coaching, I’ve had the great privilege of working with some truly amazing folks! And the joy that it gives me to receive your testimonials is immeasurable! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know how your life has changed and the amazing results you’ve gotten with my program!



Clients Says,

Twelve weeks in the Ignite Your Being Program 
​helped me more than years of therapy ever did!  
​I love you Rosane Gibson!

~ Nancy Hoffman

I had spectacular break throughs!  
I remember when we met each other and you saw how bad
I was suffering from that person who stole from me…
​You taught me how to attract the kind of man I was looking for, and then he appeared, just like I envisioned through the practices I learned from you. Some people say I was lucky! I know it was not luck. It is not coincidence, it is not luck, I know it and you helped me so much! Thank you!!”  

​~ Patricia

​Rosane was the life line that pulled me out of depression
by changing my thoughts and how I see things. Thank you Rosane

for the amazing Class “Ignite Your Being”.
You are so passionate about your work and have such strong insight
that really resonated with me! You are amazing. Thank you!

~ Anna Helgesen

Rosane helped me find myself and really focus on where I want to go with my career,
family, my life…
  I learned a lot and got out of the hole I was bearing myself into.
I was sad, stuck, feeling left behind, rejected, not-loved but today
I feel great who would’ve thought that meeting once a week and watching videos and putting all I learned into practice would’ve changed my life the way it did.
Thanks Rosane Gibson for such a wonderful program!

~ Ivonne Pelaez

My sessions with Rosane are the best thing I have done for myself in years.

My work with Rosane has been so transforming, I can’t believe how much I have shifted in just a couple of months. When I started with Rosane I was recovering from a near stroke, very tired and completely out of energy. I really wanted to change directions in career and improve my health but had no energy physically or emotionally to accomplish these things on my own. Now, I’m feeling like myself again, which is a huge improvement from the woman that started this work. It’s hard to remember the last time I felt this good, my sessions with Rosane are the best thing I have done for myself in years. The partnership we have formed is so powerful, and very personal, I am always amazed at the clarity, the insight and the closeness we have during our sessions. The assignments she gives are very personalized and are amazing at providing a new way to look at things. I am so greatful for the change in energy and mood and in such a short time. After a lifetime of hating my body and being at war with it, and never feeling like I was going to win the battle, I have stopped that insanity and words can’t express what a relief that is. Thank you so much to a woman who has changed my life.  

~ Shea Micheller

Rosane helped me to slowly strip away inner layers of negative thinking, self-doubt, and shame. I have a newly found sense of self-acceptance. Rosane has a special gift for helping others heal. Working with Rosane has given me tremendously improved mental and physical health! And she is so much fun! If I had to describe what Rosane is in just three words, those words would be health, fun and empowerment!

~ Kimberly Hanson

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