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Powerfully Present℠ is a process that helps you shift painful self-destructive emotions, such as fear, doubt, or resentment, into feelings of peace and joy.

About Rosane
Powerfully Present is taught by me, Rosane Gibson. For over 20 years I have been helping my clients to become more confident by learning to love themselves so that they can create the life they want to live. I honor that you are here now, present, at this moment and connecting with me.

Moment to Moment All we have is this moment. It’s up to us to create good moments, but this is hard to do if we’re focused on an external reality dominated by a collective narrative of fear. Right now – at this very moment – we have a choice. We can choose to navigate through fearful emotions or we can shift towards a peaceful way of being.It’s possible to feel peace in the midst of chaos. You can be as if you’re in the “eye of the hurricane.”I will show you how!

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How to be present powerfully?

  • Breath
  • Ignite Gratitude
  • Positive Thoughts
  • Expand Wisdom Body
  • Notice Downloads
  • Raise Your Flags
  • Accept Contrast
  • Recognize Treasures in Detour
  • Again Breath
  • Ignite Imagination
  • Move
  • Feel Completion
  • Take Breath
  • Snap Out

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