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​Get Vortexed! Manifest Your Wow Now!

Free yourself from the mind’s limitations with the guidance of ” Get Vortexed”.
Whether you seek clarity and purpose toward your life’s goals or desire to learn about energy and personal power, this book teaches you how to balance yin and yang energies.

Get Vortexed

In this book, you will learn steps to find alignment with source energy, and activate your ability to manifest.

​Learn exercises and empowering strategies to catalyze your spiritual and personal growth journey.

​Don’t Meditate, Vortexate! The Micro Practice of Meditation and Vortex Energy.

This book will help you become more present which is a key factor in success, health, joy, love, and abundant peace. It provides the readers with many ways to meditate without ideology, religiosity, or false conceptions that have often been associated with meditation.

​You will find new joys in meditating and more ways to have a peaceful state of mind.

Vortexation Cards
Your Daily dose of Empowerment
Vortexating is a collection of micro-meditations that requires minimal time and space. It’s about being aware of the life force energy in your body and the area around you.

This collection of 33 vortexation cards will awaken your inner wisdom and will catapult your vibration to levels that create miracles in your life.

You will discover your power and knowledge, you will ignite your intuition, and you will experience ​an unconditional state of bliss.
​Break Out From Your BreakUp
How to Heal Your Broken Heart and Move On

Break Out from Your Breakup will help you break through the painful stages of separation through a thoughtful workbook.

Whether you are breaking up from a month-long relationship, or
divorcing from a 20-year marriage,
breakups can feel like a shattering loss.

This book will guide you through
written exercises to explore each of the stages of grief.

The empowering questions and psychological strategies will help you recover.
​Get ready to jump-start your healing process in a fast and effective way!

Enlightenment Dance
How Dance Can Improve The Way You Think, Feel and Live

​Enlightenment Dance awakens your latent shamanic powers and teach you how to reconnect with your higher self through dance, song, poetry and meditation.