In-Person Life Coaching Sessions in Sedona

​Learn how to access
your inner wisdom and gain
​clarity towards your life's goals

Sunset or Sunrise Vortex Hikes

Sedona Vortex Active Meditation
Easy Hike with a Life Coach

Join me on an easy hike through one of the most beautiful and spiritually charged places on earth: The Sedona Boyton Canyon Vortex. This experience is more than a Vortex Sedona Tour. It’s a combination of the concepts of the law of attraction and the power of now.

My past guest Erika says:

~“I’ve learned so much and healed so much with Rosane.”

This easy hike is the perfect way to connect with nature and your higher self. As you hike, you’ll be connecting with the natural world and centering your mind and body. You will learn how to apply the principles of the power of now and the law of attraction to release stress and let go of energy blocks, so you can manifest your desires efficiently.

You’ll also receive guidance and coaching from an experienced life coach and author to help you make the most of this spiritual experience. This is a truly transformative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, ready to take on whatever your life may bring.

This experience is also highly interactive and great when performed in groups because they promote a sense of bonding, motivation, and trust.

​Sedona Energy Vortex Dance To Activate The Law of Attraction

Are you struggling to manifest your desires? Are you feeling stuck and unable to move forward? If so, it’s time to try something new and exciting – the Sedona Energy Vortex Dance. This powerful two-hour experience will help you release any blocks that are holding you back, and open the pathways to manifestation.
Set in the stunning Boyton Canyon Vortex, you’ll be guided through a series of movements and exercises that are designed to activate each of your seven chakras.
You’ll also learn how to use the power of intention to magnetize your desires into reality. You’ll learn about the art of allowing and effectively understand the The Law of Attraction.
The Energy Vortex Dance is the perfect way to jumpstart your manifestation journey – so why not give it a try today?
This experience promotes team bonding,
​great for teams, great for groups, and great for team-building.

Vortex Dance

Vision Board on The Rock

Bond in Sedona
Manifest Your Dreams

This is a two-hour group experience that helps clarify your life purpose and ignite your power of manifestation!
I will help you find clarity regarding your life’s goals and together we will build your talisman.
You’ll glue on your rock beads that represent
your wishes and goals.
This is a great activity for mothers and daughters, sisters, and couples of best friends who want to share ​a bonding time in Sedona.
Great for groups, great for teams
This experience promotes team bonding,
​great for teams, great for groups, and great for team-building.

​Life Coaching By The Creek

This is a three hour
life coaching session by the creek.
It’s recommended for those who desire to gain
clarity towards life’s goals and feel empowered.
As we walk by the creek feeling the peace
​and serenity of the environment,
I will assist you to overcome any
​challenges you may have.

Labyrinth Walk With Life Coaching

This is a four hour experience that will confer a sense of clarity, peace, and serenity. It’s walking toward one’s own core andthe center of one’s soul. It’s a great experience for those who are going through life transition, need relationship closure, or to say goodby to a loved one who ​crossed to the other side. Walking the labyrinth is also great to celebrate accomplishments such as: vowl renewal or graduation. I’ts an incredible experience! This experience promotes team bonding, ​great for teams, great for groups, and great for team-building.