Sedona Retreats

We would love to VORTEXIFY you!



What if you could transform your life in just one weekend?

What if you could get clarity on the biggest challenges in your life?

Revigorate and Recharge in Sedona with a private retreat!

Three Days to Yay!” 

Day one: 
We have an empowering session at the vortex on the mountain top. 

Day Two: 
We have a session in the morning by the creek, you will have an assignment for the rest of the day.

Day Three: 
We meet at another mountain top for our last session
then you leave, or you extend your stay and say Hooray!
You will have a bucket full of wisdom for your personal transformation!


Sedona’s magnificently inspiring environment will help you gain life clarity and focus.
Here in Sedona, I’ll re-introduce you to the natural world, and through this re-connection I’ll help you rekindle your sense of wonder, invigorating your zest for living, enabling you to create the life you want to live.

Maybe in the past you had other therapy modalities where you were just in an office, or a man made environment. This retreat is customized to your needs. It combines my coaching guidance with Sedona’s magnificent natural setting, helping you to harness the power of transformation much faster! The amazing vortex energy fast tracks the results you want!

Come to Sedona, where you will ignite your sense of wonder in the natural world!
You will feel the gentle breeze caressing your face, you will smell the Jupiter tree berries, and you will hear the desert wind symphony echoing among the timeless red rocks!

You will be energized by watching Sedona’s magnificent landscape, and will have  guidance and support to design a new path for your life.  

Chose Your Program



It’s too easy to be swept into the busyness of life. We can get caught up in being all things to everybody and forget who we are, why we’re here and what our hearts yearn for.
This program aims to reconnect to yourself.
It’s “Your Me Time” to relax, rejuvenate, sightseeing and play! 

Suggested Activities:

Sightseeing, hiking, shopping, dancing, dining, wine tasting, mountain biking, jeep riding, spa and massages, salt lamp bath for relaxation, floating tank,  creeks, visit beautiful art galleries… 




At times, you just need to get away and start over.
We reach key moments in our lives where we need to pause and find better ways to do what we do.
This is an opportunity to get active personal guidance to help sort out life. I’ll provide insightful perspectives that transform confusion into direction, and anxiety into clarity.
Crisis break you down but this retreat will help you
turn it all around!

Suggested Activities: 

Hiking Therapy
Life Coaching, Labyrinth, Medicine Wheels,
Creeks and River hiking for processing and letting go.
 Vortex Energy Sites for empowerment. 




 Sedona is a desert playground for adventure! 
It all thanks to year-round great weather,
mesmerizing views of steep canyon walls,
red-rock buttes and creek-crossing trails
in an otherworldly desert setting!

 You might expect to see coyotes, bobcats, javelinas and deer!  There are very easy-to-ride trails for beginners and more advanced trails for advanced mountain bikers.

If a bike is not your thing, backpacking hiking, creek swimming, marathons, and outdoor workout are available for your enjoyment. 

Suggested Activities: 
Hiking, mountain biking, swimming, running, outdoor workouts,
jeep, and ATV riding. Explore caves, and Indian dwellings, and visit the Grand Canyon. 

Sedona is famous for giant magnetic energy that can help
guide you in your journey to higher spirituality.


Sedona is truly a place of pilgrimage and spiritual growth. Everyone who comes to Sedona has been called by the Spirit of Sedona. It’s your time for a change, healing, transformation, release, clarity; and for finding fulfillment in your life. If you are seeking healing and spiritual transformation this program for you! 

Suggested Activities:
Hiking Therapy, Vortex Energy Exploration, Meditation, Medicine Wheel Journey, Labyrinth Walk,, Spiritual Guidance, Life Coaching 


All Inquiries

For all retreat inquires, please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and make sure you have an amazing experience at in Sedona!!